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Please include distributor name and purchase order number for reference. An art submission is reviewed only when the purchase order has been received. Art e-mails should only contain a single art file. Please do not send multiple files in multiple formats containing the same artwork. Pertinent layout information should always be stated on the Purchase Order.

Should be directed to our Sales Service department. Digital vector artwork is preferred. However, should camera-ready artwork or digital vector artwork not be available, Evans art department will set straight-line type. More extensive rework or creation services are available. Send us what you have and we can redraw it at no charge.

Sharp, black and white line art and copy that is ready to be transferred to film or plate without retouching.

Always submit a hard copy of the art or layout with your purchase order.


Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, PDF files are accepted. Other file formats are generally not recommended and may not be supported. Fonts incorporated into artwork must be converted to outline paths prior to submission. Please do not send files with linked objects. Avoid custom spot colors, special effects fills or transparencies. File names must contain their native file extensions.

We highly recommend vector artwork for the best quality print. However, Evans will accept raster images that have been created at a resolution no lower than 600 DPI, JPG, TIF, and most PSD files are accepted. Other file formats are generally not recommended and may not be supported. File names must contain their native file extensions. Always include a hard copy of the artwork.

Factory cannot guarantee reproduction of fine serif and script type smaller that 8 points. No type should be less than 8 points. Avoid open-faced, screen tones, outlines or drop-shadow effects on fonts. Strokes or reverse outlines less than .25 points may not print and are not recommended.

We recommend vector artwork that can be cleanly separated and meets the requirements described above. Files that are not vector based may not be supported. Include a color laser print or other diagram indicating the color breakdown. Evans art department will provide any trapping or overprint settings required for multi-colored imprints. Pens: Up to 2 colors available.

Items that require pad printing will support artwork with a maximum line screen of 120. Screen printed items will support a maximum line screen of 72. Screen tones and gradient fills between 20% and 65% are supported. Not available for Drink Ware items.

Always keep a copy of art and files. Do not send in the only copy. Art media will be returned only upon request. Artwork is archived digitally.

Evans is not a union shop. We will print the union label only as part of customer supplied art. All imprinted merchandise shown in this catalog is for illustrative purposes only and does not imply endorsement nor availability for sale to anyone other than the owner of such design and/or logos.