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88 Product(s) found for keyword searched as ' Household'
•Fits 2 rim sizes, including smaller soda cans, as well as standard soda cans •Reseals most pop-top cans, except for beer cans •Features a convenient pull-tab...
•Reseals most common food and pet food cans from 3 oz. to larger family size cans •Features a convenient pull-tab for easy removal •Top rack dishwasher...
•Great for keeping snacks fresh •Easy grip design
•Great for keeping snack sized treats fresh
•Strong, sleek design stands up to the thickest of cakes or pies •Serrated edge cuts through tough crusts •Top rack dishwasher safe.
•Sturdy food grade funnel transfers liquid efficiently •Bottom spout easily fits into a variety of bottles •Top rack dishwasher safe
•Keeps contents fresh, as it seals small bags •Scoop holds one tablespoon of ground coffee, sugar, flour and other ingredients •Top rack dishwasher safe.
•Keeps your favorite opened food items fresher, longer •Features sturdy gripper teeth and a durable internal metal spring
•Keeps snack bags freshly sealed and shows awareness for your cause •Features a durable internal metal spring for tight closure
•Unique shape helps promote messages from the heart •Features durable double internal metal springs for tight closure
•100% cotton canvas oven mitt •Features heat-resistant padding and a loop for easy hanging
•Great size for keeping snack bags freshly sealed or keeping documents grouped •Features sturdy gripper teeth and a durable internal metal spring