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13 Product(s) found for keyword searched as ' Keep-it™ Clips'
•Small 2" size is ideal for neatly holding coupons and small bags together
•Great for keeping snacks fresh •Easy grip design
•Great for keeping snack sized treats fresh
•Keeps your favorite opened food items fresher, longer •Features sturdy gripper teeth and a durable internal metal spring
•Great size for keeping snack bags freshly sealed or keeping documents grouped •Features sturdy gripper teeth and a durable internal metal spring
•Seal your next real estate deal with these handy clips •Features sturdy gripper teeth and a durable internal metal spring
• Features black rubber ring and interior gripper tip for better grasp • Securely holds photographs, mail and papers or can keep snack bags closed • Magnet...
•Print your favorite sport ball on the clip to go along with your team/theme (baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, soccer or volleyball) •Features durable...
•Versatile clip keeps food bags freshly sealed and documents tightly grouped •Features durable double internal metal springs for tight closure
•Tightly seals food bags or pet food bags •Keeps papers together and is great for school promotions •Features durable double internal metal clips for tight...
•Tightly seals all types of bags and takes hold of important documents •High-end construction is built to last and looks fabulous too •Features co-molded...
•Provides a smile as it tightly seals food bags or neatly organizes coupons •Features sturdy teeth and a durable internal metal spring